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  • The North Coast of Kangaroo Island & Emu Bay

    Emu Bay
    Emu Bay features a very long sandy beach and is a short 20 minute drive from Kingscote, the main town on Kangaroo Island. It has a range of BnB, self contained cottages and houses to choose from for your accommodation on Kangaroo Island.
    Emu Bay has a colony of Fairy Penguins so a walk along the foreshore a night is highly recommended.

    The North Coast

    North Coast Beaches Kangaroo IslandThe drive along the north coast incorporates typical farmland, remote national parks. bleak rocky cliffs, snug bays and sandy un spoilt beaches.

    There are many sandy un spoilt beaches to swim or walk along, during your tour of the north coast of Kangaroo Island, you will also find secluded rock pools to explore, deserted bays to fish in & spectacular coastal cliffs.

    Sailing, snorkeling and fishing charters are just a few ways to enjoy the north coast water.

    If you continue along the north coast from Emu Bay you will find Stokes Bay, King George Beach, Snellings Beach, then Western River.

    Following the North Coast road along you will get to the point where you must choose if you are going to go to Scotts Cove, Harvey's Return, Cape Border & Ravine des Casoars. See Below

    Cape Border Road Notes - 30 km of Rough Dirt

    The journey to Cape Border is on 30 km of dirt road that can be rough to very rough at times, Scotts Cove  Kangaroo Island - Click for a larger Imageand if you are not experienced in travel over dirt roads and traveling in a car it is not recommended.
    It can be badly corrugated with some pot holes filled with soft sand.
    I base the above comment on my own experiences as I have personally traveled to Cape Border twice to inspect the road and the sights.
    One trip the road was quite good, and 12 months later the road was very rough & pot holed.
    Currently (December 2004) I have heard that it is rough still.

    Having said all of the above it is however a very rewarding trip as Cape Border is very a interesting part of Kangaroo Island, and Scotts Cove will give you one of the few chances to see the spectacular coastal cliffs of Kangaroo Island's
    north coast.

    Cape Borda Light House circa 1858

    Cape Borda Kangaroo Island - Click for a larger ImageThe unusually square shaped lighthouse is located 155 metres above sea level. Built in 1858, the light was manually maintained until conversion to automatic operation in 1989.

    Guided tours of the lighthouse and the heritage museum are conducted by National Parks and Wildlife staff.

    Cape Borda Kangaroo Island - Click for a larger Image

    An antique canon is fired once a day at 12 noon.

    There is a small coffee shop where light refreshments can be obtained.

    We recommend 3 to 4 Days on Kangaroo Island is if you want to see a good sample of the scenic & wildlife wonders of Kangaroo Island.

                                           The North Coast of Kangaroo Island & Emu Bay- Kangaroo Island Tourist Information

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